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Ted ReeveRatingReview posted on
Aug 22, 2017
Knowledgeable, courteous, and good natured folks to deal with. Thanks
FieldsyRatingReview posted on
Aug 21, 2017
Very pushy sales people. I was interested in a Jetta, but it was overpriced by a lot. I left the dealership and ended up finding a newer Jetta for much less money at a Barrie dealership. I got constant phone calls/emails from this dealership for weeks after I only LOOKED at one car, and this was after they told me that they were "no pressure to buy" salespeople. Wouldn't recommend this place.
Orillia Volkswagen – Aug 22, 2017 – 

Congratulations on your new vehicle Issac! Happy to hear you found a Jetta within your budget. Our used inventory does change often as we price it at market value, so we do attempt to contact customers if another vehicle that might fit their needs arrives. Our intention is to help them with their buying decisions, but we're sorry to hear that you found these contact attempts to come across as pushy. We appreciate the feedback and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Kathy DaoustRatingReview posted on
Aug 21, 2017
10 out of 10 for sure at Orillia VW! It is the staff in the service department that made my experience with the cost of a major repair more palpable. Many thanks to Chad and Lisa for taking such good care of me. My 2009 Jetta TDI is now back to good health and after having both front and back springs replaced I realize just how bumpy our Muskoka Roads really are.
Everett MichettiRatingReview posted on
Aug 18, 2017
Great customer experience; a good deal on an awesome car
Darrell CoberRatingReview posted on
Aug 9, 2017
Friendly staff and prompt service. Vehicle went in on time and there was very little wait time.
Mikhele fioriniRatingReview posted on
Jul 10, 2017
My wife took our brand new VW Tiguan into this dealership for its second oil change. With the work completed my wife left the dealership and headed home, but the car did not even make it two blocks before a grinding noise developed and to make matters worse, the brakes began to fade while approaching a red light at a very busy intersection… moments later, the car alerted that the “oil pressure was low” and to “turn off the engine.” After receiving this very frantic phone call, I advised my wife that I was on my way (45 mins away) and to call the dealership as it was obviously something indicative to the oil change that was just done. The receptionist told my wife to call the VW road side assistance (VWRSA). VWRSA told my wife to get out of the car IMMEDIATELY – not so convenient to do on a cold rainy spring day with a 3 year old and a 4 month old. When I arrived on scene, I popped the hood and immediately spotted the issue – the old seal from the previous oil filter was still on the engine block when the mechanic installed the new oil filter! Once transported to the dealership, I promptly requested the service manager’s attention which quickly came with the attention of the dealership manager – their solution: add more oil to it and start the engine! No diagnostics, no written procedures. I advised them of my credentials, being a mechanical engineer at an automotive company with a back ground in engine design, development and building. I firmly stated that I was not comfortable with their proposal. However, they proceeded stating “there was no other way to determine the potential damage.” After the mechanics added oil, I recorded a video of the startup in which you can clearly hear the rotating assembly is lacking lubrication for the first ~5 seconds of running. Furthermore, I requested to have the oil filter removed so that I could physically open the filter canister to inspect the filter element, in which I found some evidence of fine metallic residue which the mechanics assured me was “normal.” Not being overly familiar with VW’s, I was not in a position to challenge yet knowing that what I observed was typical of most vehicles that have gone the full oil change interval, not one with less than 30 minutes of running time. After a very LONG day at this dealership, we agreed to part ways for the day, with the request from the dealership that my wife and I think about what we would like done to rectify the situation and added “obviously we are not going to insult you with a free oil change.” That night my wife and I discussed the situation and agreed that we wanted to cut ties with this vehicle as it had lost its peace of mind appeal that comes with purchasing a car. The next day, I received a call from the dealership manager who offered to schedule us in for a free complimentary oil change at is next interval (note the parting comments above) where they would inspect the vehicle further for any signs of damage. I advised him this proposal was far from sufficient and that my wife and I were seeking to trade in the vehicle for the rationale stated above and we were even willing to put in $5000 of our own money, which we considered more than fair. Proceeding conversations quickly became sparse and when we finally did manage to get into communication with the dealership manager, their offer was roughly 50% of what we paid for the vehicle less than one year ago, leaving my wife and I in over a $15k deficit if we were to proceed – obviously not a financial decision for anyone with common sense. In closing, be very mindful of the dealerships you trust and the way in which they operate – ask yourself if you are comfortable with your wife and young kids driving in a vehicle that has had the safety you spend your hard earned money on compromised or willing to shell out over 15k for someone else’s mistake. Yes mistakes happen, but for those who own up to them, that is “character” – something that this dealership lacks, and that can be seen in the way this dealership handled this situation.
Orillia Volkswagen – Jul 10, 2017 –

Hello Mikhele, I am sorry you are not satisfied with the way we handled the situation at our dealership. It was certainly an error that I wish would not have happened but cannot roll back time and I apologize for what did happen that day. After following the Volkswagen process with the situation and having our shop foreman, master tech and service manager involved, we all agreed that there is nothing wrong with the vehicles engine as the engineers at Volkswagen build these engines with fail safes so it could not cause any harm to your vehicle running for such a short time. If anything needed further attention, it certainly would have been done. We are insured for incidents like this and if your engine was faulty in anyway, we would have taken ownership and replaced the engine for you. I know you were not happy with the trade in value of the vehicle but we do not decide the trade in amounts, the market does and this changes day to day. As you bought the vehicle from another dealership, I am also not sure what extras were put on the car when you purchased it and have no control over what you owe on it. I have priced out a new Tiguan without the new car charges like freight, pdi, air tax etc. and you are losing about 34%. This is calculating at MSRP so if the selling dealer discounted your new car at all, that number would be less, which is normal in the first year of ownership. Orillia Volkswagen always tries to meet our customers’ expectations, but sometimes those expectations exceed what is a reasonable solution. Regards, Colin Koprowski

Tifany QuesnelleRatingReview posted on
Jul 4, 2017
Excellent customer service! Very knowledgeable and listened to our needs. Highly recommend.
Trish PazosRatingReview posted on
Jun 28, 2017
Had a wonderful salesman named Brandon who knew his product and got me into the right car! Very personable and friendly staff. Highly recommend Orillia Volkswagen.
Andy LeberRatingReview posted on
Jun 21, 2017
Fantastic. Can't recommend enough.
Michael McDonellRatingReview posted on
Jun 21, 2017
Excellent sales and service team. Drive from Barrie to Orillia since they are that good!
rolly regimbalRatingReview posted on
Jun 19, 2017
olive doyleRatingReview posted on
Jun 16, 2017
Please Orillia Volkswagon is a victim as well, they have been left out to dry trying to console customers in this TDI buy out they can only do so much . My following complaint is not against VW Orillia but this is one story I am sure there are more then me hurt by this TDI situation . Please read on! Well another rant 20 months ago VW sent us TDI victims a $500.00 gift card plus $500.00 in house dealership $500.00 credit, they said we can use it at the dealership for parts, repairs, or off the purchase of a new or used car once the courts divide on a settlement for our cars. Now that was Sept 15, 20015 So all us victims are waiting for the settlement from the courts. Finally May 1 2017 we can now start the settlement claim finally. Now we have been locked into these cars against our wills held for ransom for almost two years. I decided back then to put the VW in house credit Cardin my glove box and use it towards my replacement car once they buy my car off me. Sounds like a good plan talked to salesman at dealership he said yes no problem we can do that No one thought this settlement would take this long but it did (the courts you know don't care) Okey let's go to the present here I am with a repair bill of over $500.00 to replace 2 springs in a car that has been sitting waiting to get trader not my fault well situation has changed Do not want to commit at this time due to personal issue so I decided to use my in house credit given to me as an apology for this major inconvenience cause by VW and guess what it expired Jan 1 2017 and I should of read the fine print WE ARE BEAT WELL I WE HAVE BEEN VW OWNERS FOR 30 years have bought at least 6 or 7 new cars and they won't to beat us out of that money SHAME ON THEM! If they had of settle this issue in a reasonable time I would be driving my new car and used that money towards it.Now I am out over $500.00 to fix 2 springs in a car and our $500.00 in house credit. VW should have in January 2017 sent out new credits to those who had not used theirs with an apology we are so sorry for this inconvenience in the courts and we appriciate your patience for those customers who were waiting to use your in house credit to purchase a replacement car we will be reissuing new cards with an extension expiry date we really appriciate our loyal customers and we want to take care of you as part of our VW loyal family. We at VW need you more now then ever! That's what I would of done but no not them . Sucks to be you now that we hung you out to dry for almost 2 years thanks for sleeping at the switch and giving us back that money we need it more then you I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!
Peter Van DewarkRatingReview posted on
May 24, 2017
A honest and fair dealership. I have purchased 4 cars from this dealership over the years and it was a positive expearance each time.
Brian BondRatingReview posted on
May 13, 2017
Moved to the area 2 yrs ago, felt awkward taking my Jetta TDI to a place where I didn't purchase the car. The staff at Orillia Volkswagen are awesome. they are friendly, informative and driven. The service team is very professional in what they do an I have no complaints. When ever I take my car in for service or repairs, I know it will be done right the first time. Thank You Orillia Volkswagen
Josh LillyRatingReview posted on
Apr 26, 2017
Terrific service and friendly staff makes you feel welcome and appreciated along your buying or inquiry process.
Earl GibsonRatingReview posted on
Apr 18, 2017
Was provided with very good service and friendly environment . Very happy and would recommend orrillia Volkswagen to other in the market for a vehicle
Matthew LawsonRatingReview posted on
Mar 22, 2017
The service department is truly amazing here. I have had two VW and always take them here despite living in Barrie. They are honest and transparent. You will not be disappointed to leave your vehicle in their hands.
alison peaceRatingReview posted on
Jan 24, 2017
12 year rust guarantee.. Heck ya!! Just don't go diesel
 Stephen SchattinRatingReview posted on
Jan 13, 2017
Great staff, car was well taken care of by technicians. No pushy sales staff. Pleasure to deal with.
Michael CavenRatingReview posted on
Jan 11, 2017
The Team at Orillia VW goes WAY ABOVE - "Nice Guys". Thanks for everything again this year.
Charles SheppardRatingReview posted on
Jan 11, 2017
Great people ALWAYS make the difference at Orillia VW. Thanks for always being there when I needed help!
Jamie ClarkeRatingReview posted on
Nov 7, 2016
Great people, very helpful Will definitely return
Natalia MatinezRatingReview posted on
Sep 29, 2016
I had a great experience at Orillia VW. The staff was knowledgeable and patient. I wish all car buying experiences were more like that. Would love to give them 5 stars, but one "temporary" individual made it a bit challenging for me. Aside from that, they were fantastic. Thanks so much Mark and Orillia VW.
Mathew SRatingReview posted on
Jul 21, 2016
Just wanted to say Thank You to the Orillia VW service team for the great service I received. Friendly, professional and my VW was cleaner than when I wash it myself!
Tom JohnstonRatingReview posted on
May 9, 2016
We've always had great and friendly service from Colin and his team at Orillia Volkswagen. They are very thorough and always stand behind their vehicles.
Sherri F.RatingReview posted on
May 6, 2016
I purchased my Jetta TDI just over 3 years ago and it now has over 184,000kms on it. I have had all of my services done at Orillia VW and have been impressed every time. They are thorough but, only do what is necessary and always explain what needs to be done and what I will expect for my next service. Keep up the GREAT WORK, Service Team!
Mike CookRatingReview posted on
May 4, 2016
Terrible my wife bought her vw city jetta brand new in 08 she actually found the car at orillia vw and loved it but because of the poor service and pushy sales people she actually drove to Newmarket (an hour further) and had the car delivered there. And any time we have had to deal with them it's brutal service! We had the timing belt changes and they didn't even clear the codes after the repair was done!

Hi Mike- First of all, thank you for your comments. We'd like to reach out to you and gather some more details so we can ensure this type of issue does not happen again, and make amends. We do make the effort to exceed customer service expectations with every customer, and I'm truly sorry that we did not meet your expectations in this circumstance. We absolutely should have cleared the code and ensured that you knew about our “open door policy” to bring your vehicle back and speak to the technician for any questions you might have had. I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me a call at (705) 325-6107 to discuss. Thank you - Glenn Would- Service Manager

David MottaRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Poor
Feb 18, 2016
Mediocre.. came to Orillia instead of Barrie because I had heard about their great service. To be honest left really unimpressed and will probably make the drive to Bramgate VW in brampton, where I bought the car next time. It was time for my first service, as my brand new Jetta hit 15000 km. I didn't feel appreciated, nothing I would consider special, no offer of a coffee or water or comfort. I think I'm better served at Mr Lube or Jiffy Lube. My oil change and wheel alignment took over 2 hours, when told it would be an 1 hour plus an extra 20 mins for the alignment and their "complimentary" car wash closed 10 mins before they were finished with my car! Kind of BS. Thought I'd atleast get the car wash seeing as how their service was mediocre. But I guess that was to be expected. I won't be returning here for any service or vehicle purchases, I'm better off driving the hour, which I would pay for to get treated better. Kind of even felt like the big guy at the service counter in the orange golf shirt kept looking down at me, sorry I'm not Caucasian buddy, but this is Canada. VW need to step your game up.
Orillia Volkswagen – Feb 9, 2016 – 

Hi David Motta, We are sorry about the experience you had with us. If you would like to reach out to our General Manager - Colin Koprowski ( or 705-325-6107 ) to discuss the issues at hand he would be more than happy to speak with you. Regards, Orillia Volkswagen

TheRbjeepthingRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Jan 15, 2016
I rarely give a perfect rating but these folks deserve it! It all started when Mitch in sales sold me my 2011 TDi which I have continued to have serviced at the dealership due to their excellent customer relations. Pricing has been more then fair and the fact they offer loaner vehicles and even clean the vehicle makes the drive from Barrie to Orillia worth it. We were so happy with the service we received by both departments when my wife decided to make the leap from a WRX to a 2015 Golf. Once again the no pressure sales tactics and the reasonable trade in offer made the decision easy. Everyone there keep up the great work! The Collison's
nichole WrightRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Poor
Jan 1, 2016
Worst experience of my life! Would never buy another car here nor would i recommend it. Better hope they sell u a decent car not a peice of **** bc they won't admit to screwing up or fixing their mistakes. Good luck
Lisa KimmerlyRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Dec 9, 2015
"Amazing Team & Service "
frankie dewRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 23, 2015
We have just purchased our 4th car from Orillia VW. The dealership and staff are the finest! They treat their customers the way they would like to be treated. We've had all our cars serviced there since purchased. We have ALWAYS been more than fairly treated and Lisa and Chad go out of their way to accommodate our service needs. Stellar performance by all and I wouldn't hesitate recommending anyone to Orillia VW. Colin, the manager, knows us on a first name basis, as do many others in service and sales,. It sure is nice being assisted with a big smile, a hot coffee and feeling like you count and are important. Orillia VW continues to go above the call to satisfy. The service department will stop at nothing to assist you. So appreciative they are in our corner. Bravo Orillia VW! You are a shining example of what customer service really looks like!! Frankie, Bruce & Rebecca Dewsbury P.S. if you are looking for a car, Mitch is your guy!
Mark HamiltonRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 18, 2015
Chad and the service team (Darrell, Lisa, guys I don't see) are so professional and friendly, it makes it an easy choice to make my next vehicle another VW! Great, great people!
Stefanie ARatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 2, 2015
Excellent Service at Orillia VW! My experience at Orillia VW was positive, personal, and friendly. Every aspect of the transaction was handled smoothly from the first phone call to picking up the car. Mitch, the car dealer I dealt with, was pleasant, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He took the time needed to make sure I was comfortable and happy with the purchase of my Golf (super pleased with the car). It was worth the drive to Orillia from Toronto!. Easiest car purchase to date! I would highly recommend Mitch at Orillia VW
EtienneRinguetRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Aug 14, 2015
It's always a good experience a Orillia VW. Only place I trust to do an alignment or do any work on my car really. So far, it's been cheaper to go to them then try an independent garage, even for out of warranty work. I haven't bought my car there because I usually buy used but their service department is impeccable. Their ads says "The good guys" and in this case it's true!

Mark Winter

RatingReview posted on
July 22, 2015

Mark Bramhall, thank you again for all service and support in purchasing our first Vw. I had been to two other Vw dealers and your personal, professional and knowledge based sales approach was what motivated us to buy the car on the spot. We look forward to our next Vw purchase with you and promote you to our friends. Sincerely Mark Winter ( very happy customer)



RatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Feb 19, 2015
It was our first time going there with our Jetta and Rabbit for warranty rust inspection. Great people and fast service. They got back to me promptly to book repair dates on both vehicles.
Danke WolfRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Poor
Jan 11, 2015
Service is fine, Sales is fine. I'd recommend never working there. Let alone pay to have them clean your vehicle.
marilyn elliottRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Jul 11, 2014
This is not the first time I have needed service from Orillia Volkswagen. I have owned many vehicles and dealt with many Dealers, but the service I get, without strings attached, I get from this dealer is far more gratifying than acceptable. Everyone there truly practices the "customer service" claim far better than anyone I have ever dealt with. I can't say enough about every aspect of this dealership, particularly Lisa, Chad, Jordan, Beth and the fellows in parts and even the mechanics, in the way they treat me. If and when I am ready to buy a new vehicle, this type of personal service makes it very difficult to buy any other brand of vehicle, because ORILLIA VOLKSWAGEN doesn't sell other brands. I am very pleased about a job well done from a Dealer who knows what it takes to keep its' customers. My overall assessment is way over and above the "Ten" at the top of your service efforts! Thank You!
Jamie TannerRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Jun 20, 2014
Orillia VW is simple. If you live in simcoe county or muskoka and your VW is not serviced here you are not doing it justice. Always great, fair and easy to work with. Truly a pleasurable experience working with them.
Neil ReynoldsRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Apr 22, 2014
Just purchased a 13 Golf Wagon tdi. Great experience all around. Thanks to Mark (sales), Paul (financing) and Collin (manager). They answered all my questions. After meeting Mark, going for a ride and talking numbers Collin came out and introduced himself. Nice touch. I chose this dealership due to it's great reputation.
Josh GallantRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Mar 31, 2014
Absolutely the best dealership we have worked with. Mark was great, timely and very professional. Ashley was great as well, very thorough with the financing and warranty options. We bought a certified used vehicle from them, which had a problem with the door sensor. We were told it would be fixed and it was, it did begin again a week or so later and Orillia Volkswagen took it back in and replaced the part quickly and with no questions asked, they also did not feed us the story you usually get starting with 'Oh, don't worry about this, we are not going to charge you', when its obvious you should not be charged. We love the vehicle and will be bringing it there for service if we ever need to, seeing as this dealership cares more about customer satisfaction than making a quick buck. Will definitely buy another vehicle from here.
Ray YokubynasRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Mar 25, 2014
awesome service. Chad and the service department are terrific. Highly recommended!
Carrie FiranskiRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Good
Mar 11, 2014
Very friendly, and knowledgeable staff. When I had gone in to the service desk I happened to overhear a customer speaking with the service manager who was emphatically thankful and grateful for the excellent service. It definitely made me even more comfortable and confident that they would be doing the best for me and my vehicle which is exactly what I got. Thanks Orillia VW!
Anna JoudreyRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Feb 4, 2014
Always a great experience when you come here. Always ready with a smile, and a very helpful attitude. Things are done in an amazing friendly manner. The staff Mitch, Jen, Katie, Barry, Colin, Lisa and the rest are always professional to end of your visit. Other Dealerships could take lessons from Orillia Volkswagen, on customer service and professionalism. Love my 2013 CC.
Vern FahrentholzRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Jan 16, 2014
Werner Fahrentholz Excellent very friendly
MJ EwensRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Dec 20, 2013
In May 2013 I brought my Jetta in for routine service. I had pointed out some surface rust and the service department immediately photographed my car and submitted a claim to VW Canada for approval. Once approved the work was immediately scheduled and completed in a timely manner. Now I have a brand new (well it looks brand new) car. The team was professional and efficient. Special thanks to Katie for managing my file.
Neil SomervilleRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 15, 2013
Accolades to the service department – Chad and Lisa; even under trying conditions they maintain a professional manner, communicate clearly and are prompt in every fashion, making thing right when necessary. They recently replaced those #@#%# locking wheel nuts on my Passat without charge. Orillia VW understands ‘knock your socks off service’.
Peter WarrenRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 11, 2013
Thanks, to the Orillia team. Always great service… it must be, I drive from Toronto to get their service. It is where our family buys their VWs as well. Thanks to Katie in Service and Colin in Sales!


Truly a dealership that cares about their products and customers. They take the time to explain the service performed. From the moment you walk into the dealership, you feel welcome. From the sales staff to the service staff - a wonderful experience. Thank you!
Orillia Volkswagon is the best car dealership I have ever been to in my life! We purchased our Jetta from them and had the best purchasing experience with Debra, Steve and Ashley. All of the staff are friendly and courteous and know their product and how to look after their customers and their vehicles. The service department staff Lisa, Katie and the technician Jason were great explaining everything and the policy of allowing customers to enter the shop and view how the service was completed and ask questions was amazing! To see the bottom of the car and learn more about the vehicle was a great opportunity and how thorough Jason was and patient with my questions which I'm sure he has answered many times. We have attended 2 of the more recent events sponsored by Orillia Volkswagon including last nights Drive In Movie night and really enjoyed it! I sincerely hope Vollkswagon Canada recognizes that this dealership goes way beyond basic customer service and it is easy to see why they have been the past recipients of the Wolfsburg Awards! We highly recommend Orillia Volkswagon to anyone interested in the best car experience ever.
10 out of 10 for sure at Orillia VW! It is the staff in the service department that made my experience with the cost of a major repair more palpable. Many thanks to Chad and Lisa for taking such good care of me. My 2009 Jetta TDI is now back to good health and after having both front and back springs replaced I realize just how bumpy our Muskoka Roads really are.
It's always been a pleasure to have my volkswagen serviced at Orillia Volkwagen. Their service is top notch and customer service is second to none. Thank you!
I love getting my cars serviced at Orillia Volkswagen. Its great to have Chad back and Lisa always takes good care of me. The mechanics of first rate,,,, lots of times they will review issues with me directly and show me exactly what is going on. Keep up the awesome work. Ray
Excellent! Very friendly and informative.
A Google User
Mike and Karin April 30 2012 Two weeks ago we went into the Orillia VW Dealership to look at the 2012 Passat because we were visitng friends in Orillia and they suggested we go there.We had previously been looking at other dealerships but when we entered the dealership in Orillia there was a feeling of professionalism and friendliness.We were introduced to Greg and he led us through the process of purchasing a Passat. He was very personable, knowledgable and very patient with all our questions.Because of Greg's service to us, we bought the car with the feeling that we were treated fairly and honestly.We would also like to thank Colin and Beth who enhanced our experience.We love the car.We love the price. We love the service.We will certainly recommend you to our friends.
A Google User
took my tiguan in on tuesday for 30k service, everything was excellent.. I love this place.. while the waiting area is very tiny.. the service is excellent and that is important to me, more important then a fancy waiting room. All service details were explained before the service and again after the service and the recommendation that was made was great. Compared to other dealers in this area a big difference. no comparrison at all. Now we get both of our cars serviced here.. thank you. 5 stars.
A Google User
April 4, 2012 I've just picked up my new 2012 Golf TDI high line wagon and couldn't be happier. Wow what a great car. My search for a new Volkswagen began just over a month ago with a trip to the Toronto auto show. I then contacted my local VW dealer I'm from Barrie and had a less than pleasant experience. This led me to Greg from Orillia Volkswagon just 2 weeks ago, Wow what a contrast , from the first moment I entered the show room I was treated with respect and valued as a customer. I shared with Greg my story of what had transpired and led me to search farther afield for my latest VW , I've had the pleasure of owning 7 including my new baby. He went out of his way to make sure my experience with Orillia Volkswagen was nothing short of Excellent. As a result I made my purchase on my first visit. Greg was confident he would be able to find the car I was looking for and be able to deliver it in a timely fashion. Before I left the dealership that night, He had located my car with exactly the options and in my chosen colour ,I had been told by the other dealer that I would likely have to wait until sept as the supply of the VW golf TDI wagons was very limited and that I would not be able to get one with the colour and options I was looking for. The following day Greg called me to confirm that he had in fact located the car and that he would have the car ready for delivery within the following week. I was ecstatic , I had gone from total frustration with the whole car buying process to feeling I had finally found a dealer that was looking after me and wanting a happy customer. I would highly recommend Greg at Orillia Volkswagen and have already recommended him to a number of friends and colleagues. If your looking for a Volkswagen in Simcoe county and area give Greg a call at Orillia Volkswagen, he will treat you with respect and take the time to find exactly the car your after. Scott in Barrie
A Google User 
I bought my new 2011 Golf TDI from Mitch at Orillia Volkswagen in June 2011. Since then I brought my car in for service at a GTA dealership just due to it's convenient proximity to work. After receiving some shoddy workmanship and no apologies / followup at my 30k ( other than one-of-those "we'll talk to management about this" and a couple of nice big diesel stains on my driveway) I decided to return to Orillia VW for my regular service. Thanks for reminding me on why I bought my Golf from Orillia VW in the first place! The service was top-notch with small-town charm. I really like 'Open Door' policy that allows me to talk to the tech and see what is being done to my car. The staff at OVW are just genuinely nice people. Thank you Mitch, Colin, Beth and Matt! Im not surprised one bit that you have 5 stars across the board!






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